Access and abroad

Your access to and is banned?

Access to torrent trackers ArenaBG and Zamunda from abroad is not a mirage any more. Thanks to a new and modern technology called WebProxy, you can easily overcome the ban and can access your favorite sites anywhere, anytime.


The answer is No! Almost everywhere, the external access, which were ArenaBG provide its users is filtered or banned. Message you will probably see is “Access denied! Your national law may provide civil or criminal sanctions even for infringements of copyright law for non-commercial purposes. ”

Why use WebProxy, and not a real proxy?

WebProxy-it is an imitation of the browser in your browser, or otherwise when you open the page, its content is taken from the website you visit and you provide in your browser.

Real proxy servers are functional but difficult to configure and tune, and certainly not the most convenient, unless you’re a fan of the browser Firefox. And yet, unless the proxy settings in the browser, they must be made in the torrent client (program) you use.

How it works and how I can use your proxy?

So simple just it sounds.

• Open the homepage – Home

• write the website address you want to visit (eg:

• Press the Open button

and voila …

or just go inside page of your favorite torrent tracker and use the button Open. This, in addition to easy, it is highly recommended because it will receive additional information about the tracker, innovation in it, or the reasons why it works now.

Who uses proxy?

Will sound strange, but 50% of people are actually using a proxy, users from Bulgaria. People trying to overcome the prohibitions in the workplace, Internet provider, home or abroad.

Free or Paid?

Proxy of is completely free. Use it correctly and did not violate the rules for using the sites you visit, because the only losers will be you, those who use it in everyday life.