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You can browse website by your own account with our webproxy. e Bulgarian torrent tracker gaining strength from the distant 2006. The tracker has easy interface with support for over 10 languages​​, resolved in blue.

owner: unknown
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english / german / spanish / russian and other
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in facebook


Like most updated torrent trackers, and here, the content tracker is fully visible to ordinary visitors to the site. Feel free to browse or search torrents or read comments adjacent to them. Of course, if the tracker gain your attention and you want to download torrents you need registration.

Registering in the tracker will take a very short time, after successfully logging into the system, you can download or comment on your favorite torrents or just browse through the latest issues forum.

Rights and rules

By registering on tracker, you earn free right to upload torrents, how to successfully handle this, you will find in the “Rules” on the site.

If you have questions about the successful handling of the torrent system in the FAQ section to find answers to most questions that you think.

Functionality and features

Torrent Tracker on has a clean and nice design, fast and easy to use. Although you will not find absolutely all the new torrents daily, but you will surely find the most valuable among them, that a sufficient number of seeders to download it easily.

Recently, the tracker has a Facebook page where you can ask a question, want help or simply chat with other users.


The site lacks an interface for copyright protection. If you right-holder and your rights are affected or damaged, you can ask for help in forums or facebook page of the tracker.
At this point no official connection with the site owners.


The site is open and accessible to users in Bulgaria, and those outside it. If you have difficulty accessing the tracker, you can use web-based proxy on our homepage. Just enter the URL button and click Open.


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