Anime Obsession – torrent tracker

Anime Obsession is no longer available. is typical torrent tracker dedicated to anime torrent content. Hosted more than 7000 torrent files which are updated every day and are sorted into different categories such as: anime, anime packs, manga, cartoon and etc.

owner: unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english / russian
torrent content: anime, anime bg, manga, cartoons

Anime Obsession in social networks -no-

Members is another torrent tracker dedicated to anime content. To download torrents, first of all you need registration. After successfully logging into the system, you are free to download torrents, post comments or messages in the forum.

Rights and rules

Site no clearly defined rules of use, is sufficient to observe good manners and your seeding torrents as long as possible.

With initial registration, you will automatically receive the right to upload torrents. Please use the menu “Upload” and fill in all required fields. Currently there are no specific rules for shaping the torrent description.

Functionality and features

Unlike other similar torrent trackers, where the forum is the main arena for discussions about any type of animated products, here things are more targeted to the content. The site offers a variety of anime titles, descriptions are usually brief or no. In forum discussions are mostly related to torrents, seeding requests and other problematic issues.

Animeobssession is ideal if you are looking for the torrent that you can not find elsewhere. If you expect more than that, I’m afraid that you will be disappointed.


The site has no automated system to stop the content for copyright infringement. There are no official forms for feedback, so if you right-holder and owner of the content and your rights are violated, will hardly be able to protect their products. One of the few opportunities to seek contact with site owners in the forum.


Probability that you will not have access to the site or the tracker is small. Currently, no restrictions are known by the tracker to a limited number of users or networks. However, if you have difficulties in accessing the site, you can use web proxies located on our home page. It is enough simply type the URL box and click Open.