– Torrent Tracker is no longer available. is one of the most popular anime portals in Bulgaria. Besides the many information about current anime titles, a large and detailed forum, the site offers a torrent tracker is actually very good at that!

owner: unknown
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: no
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: anime, anime bg, manga, cartoons

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Anime society have always been very united team. Any help in the benefit of a single cause, the existence of the anime society in Bulgaria, which shares many files for reading and watching each other. Torrent tracker of is one of the few that do not require registration with downloading torrent files. Feel free to browse, search and download torrents without the need to login to the site.

Of course, if your visit is no accident, the registration will be one of your first thoughts. With it you can successfully markings are in discussions in the descriptions of torrents or one of the many topics in this forum.

Rights and rules

There are no precise and specific rules for the use of the site. Torrent tracker content is completely transparent and any visitor can download torrents. To upload content, however, need to log into the system. In the “Upload” you can share with other torrents, the only condition is to complete all required fields in the description.

Functionality and features

The tracker of no specific additives or re-works. Valuable in this case is not the way of presented information and the information itself. The most valuable site are torrents, and perhaps the most valuable feature is the tracker board, which is more detailed and full information on various topics.


The site will ban automated system torrents for copyright infringement. If you right-holder and owner of the content and your rights are violated, you can try to contact the site owners in the forum. There is no formal opportunity for contact with the team supports the tracker.


Problems accessing the site and the tracker should not meet, especially if you are in Bulgaria. However, if the site is inaccessible, or your relationship to it is slow, you can use web proxies to our homepage. Just enter the URL box and click Open.