ArenaBG – the torrent tracker of Bulgaria

ArenaBG is one of the largest torrent trackers in Bulgaria.

The site is well designed, loads quickly and navigation is simple and convenient. It is divided into several categories: movies, music, games, software and TV programs.

other URL address:
owner: Elian Geshev
hosting: USA (US)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, and etc.

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Using the site is only after the registration of a valid user who has accepted rules of use, and after successful login into the system. The process takes less than a minute and is completely free.

Functions that are available for conventional and power-users to view content on the site by category, to read and write comments and of course, to download torrent files.

An important feature is that users are not allowed to upload content. For more content categories, there are certain teams of people / users who perform this activity. Membership in such teams is the prior approval of team ArenaBG, more about you can read in the forum’s tracker.

Rules and rights

Like every torrent tracker, ArenaBG not responsible for the content of your site. This site is a system of interconnected links and nothing more. The files you download, not physically located on their servers and are shared among all users via Bittorrent technology.

Downloading, use and uploading of content and only personal responsibility of users, something that everyone has agreed upon registration in the system.


Unlike many other torrent trackers, ArenaBG offers the possibility of rightholders to defend their rights. An interface, thanks to which each right-holder is able to protect their content if it considers that it is used unlawfully or without consent.
Interface for rightholders and abuse reports can be found here:


ArenaBG is fully available in Bulgaria. Access to the site of the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa is banned or at least very limited.

Thanks BGtorrents, easy and completely safe, you can use and access functions ArenaBG. Simply enter the URL top of the homepage or simply use the link above.

The information you enter completely secure and not copied from a third party. Web proxy is part of the connection, but communication remains between you (as customer) and ArenaBG (as server).



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    • abe ti seriozno li mislish, che te (koito hostvat sita) 6te ti pratiat, i voub6te mogat da ti pratiat parolata ot ZAMUNDA, 6toto na tebe ti pisna ot tehnite gluposti. ochh, toia post me nakara da se smeia ot sarce.

  • Нещо не работи само арената. Защо така?

    • Опитайте пак, вероятно е имало някакво временно прекъсване. В момента работи нормално.

  • Не тръгват филмите.Аз ли нещо бъркам или ?…

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  • От известно време проксито не работи нито с Арена, нито със Замунда. Мога да пратя и скрийшотове, но къде ?

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