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website: http://www.avetorrents.com/
forum: http://www.avetorrents.com/forums.php
owner: Unknown
hosting: Deutschland (DE)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

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In many places in the network, is claimed Avetorrents is one of the successors of the already shut torrent tracker Nanoset. Is it so we can only speculate, but honestly we do not interested in and so many. Like most torrent trackers, and here users are able to read and look at the tracker site, without having to log into the system. To download torrents of course you will need a valid registration. After successfully logging in, you will be able to download your favorite torrents post comments to the descriptions of torrents and forum site.

Rights and rules

Rules for use of the tracker are very short and simple, and generally define good manners when using the tracker.

In the FAQ section to find answers to many questions about using the tracker, but also the conditions for acquiring higher user rank. Higher user ranking will allow you to access the menu, Catalogs, which was initially closed to all users. The site operates a system of paid donation, thanks to you quickly and easily, you can scroll through these restrictions.

To upload content Avetorrents.com, will have to go through pre-approval, how and what are the conditions for acquiring these rights, you can read the topic http://avetorrents.com/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=115096 “How can I become a junior Respected?” in the Forum site.

Functionality and features

Torrent Tracker Avetorrents.com is very clean and simple design makes it very easy and pleasant to use. Most new torrents that deserve attention are available, as all content is directed mainly to the movies and music.

The site is highly specialized to display the torrent files, and all necessary and unnecessary extras missing. Working as extras to the site can provide:
Own Search SubtitlesFilm catalogsRSS subscriptions for new content


The site does not operate an automated system to verify and protect copyrights. If you right-holder of the content and your rights are violated can seek feedback from team support website in the section http://avetorrents.com/contactstaff.php


At present no restrictions in place are known by other users or countries about Avetorrents.com so should not encounter problems accessing the site from anywhere. However, if you have problems accessing the site or your connection to it is slow, you can use web-proxy available on our homepage. Simply enter the URL http://avetorrents.com/ and click Open.


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