– torrent tracker is no longer available.

owner: Unknown
hosting: USA (US)
registration: no
interface: bulgarian / english / german / spanish
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in facebook


Torrent Tracker Big-Boss is one of the heirs of the already closed tracker Whether this is true we can only speculate. Anyway is part of the story and we will focus on the new version. One of the most important features to note for the is that its content is fully open to view, search and download torrent files from all guests on site, without having to log into the system. Registration is free and after successfully logging into the system will allow you to unlock the full functionality of the unit, post comments in the descriptions of torrents or just drop a message in the forums.

Rights and rules

Site rules are slightly bulky but comprehensive and clear. In the FAQ section, then, you will find information about some of the frequently asked questions or problems with their response.

After successful registration and login into the system, you receive an automatic right to upload the torrent files. How to successfully handle this task, you can read the topic “How to upload torrent?” In the forum. It is important to mention that this version of the rules to upload torrent files, upload of Foreign torrents from other trackers is allowed.

Functionality and features

The site design is a bit primal, but fully loaded and functional. The site will find everything you need to navigate quickly downloading torrents. At the time of this article, the number is slightly over 7000 and increasing every day. From the general view that shows movies and music are the highlights of the tracker, but also in other categories you may find valuable and new things.

Here’s part of what you’ll find in the tracker:
– Possibility to upload the torrent filesFun games for your free time
Video section with selected clips from
RSS subscription on new torrents


The site has a working mechanism for copyright protection. If you right-holder of the content and your rights are violated, you can contact the team support website in the section “For right-holders” and to protect your products in the prescribed manner.


Currently torrent tracker not restrict its users to its website from Bulgaria and other countries. However, if you encounter problems accessing this page, or your connection is slow, you can use web-proxy option on the homepage of Simply enter the URL and click Open.