Elit-torrents torrent tracker

Elit-torrents.net is no longer available.

elit-torrents.com e relatively young torrent tracker that its short existence, and gathered the sympathies of many users.

The site has a nice dark design with well structured content, divided into well-known categories: movies, series, music, games and software.

website: http://elit-torrent.com/
forum: http://elit-torrent.com/index.php?page=forum
owner: unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, and etc.

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The content of elit-torrents.com is open to visitors. To browse and search any content you do not need registration in the system.

However, if you like something you want to download, or materials you want to share with others, against 2 minutes of your time will obtain a valid account through which you can download and upload torrents post comments and take part in the current forum topics, absolutely free. Detailed instructions for uploading the content can be found in the section “Guidelines” on the site.

Rules and rights

Like every torrent tracker, elit-torrents.com not responsible for the content of your site. This site is a system of interconnected links and nothing more. The files you download, not physically located on their servers and are shared among all users via Bittorrent technology.

Downloading, use and uploading of content and only personal responsibility of users, something that everyone has agreed upon registration in the system.


As with most torrent trackers and here, no formal opportunity as right-holder, to download content that is owned by you or violated his rights. It seems that the only option to report such a problem is an e-mail for site maintenance.


elit-torrents.com is fully available in Bulgaria. Access to the site of the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa is partially limited or slow.

Thanks BGtorrents, easy and completely safe, you can use and access functions of elit-torrents. Simply enter the URL http://elit-torrents.com/ top of the homepage or simply use the link above.

The information you enter completely secure and not copied from a third party. Web proxy is part of the connection, but communication remains between you (as customer) and elit-torrents (as server).