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owner: unknown
hosting: Deutschland (DE)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks -no-

Members is a great daily torrent tracker with many categories filled with the most important in torrents. The contents of the torrent tracker for the most part is filled with video content in the form of films, series and others. television productions. As guests of the site you will be able only to search and viewing the information online. For detailed information, you will need a valid registration. After successful registration and logging into the system, you can safely download torrents examined in detail, numerous catalogs, write reviews or post messages in the forum.

Rights and rules

If you spend a few minutes and read the rules of the site will ensure seamless use of the tracker for a long period of time. In the FAQ section, we’ll find answers to common problems and situations arising from the use of tracker. Additional menu “File formats” you can read useful information about the quality of torrents and how to successfully identify them in advance.

To upload content on the tracker you need additional rights. To get similar rights to Application in a specialized topic in the forum site. The rules for successfully uploaded the tracker, you will find again in the section FAQ.

Functionality and features

The design of is very nice and light. The menus in this site are functionally arranged and clear. The site operates a system of ranks, that information can be found in the section FAQ.

Here are some of the features to which you can access after logging into the system:
Catalogs of movies, series, games, music and software onlineHosting their own images and subtitles (available only for Uploaders)
Requests for future torrents onlineForumRSS subscription content


The site is able to ban torrents with copyright infringement. If you right-holder and the rights of your products have been violated, you can request that on e-mail:

Accessibility tracker is available everywhere. Currently no known countries that have introduced restrictions on access. If you still encounter problems opening the site, you can use web-proxy located on our homepage. Simply enter the URL and click Open.


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