– torrent tracker is no longer available.

Torrent tracker is only 1 year old, but it is already a favorite pages of thousands of users in Bulgaria and abroad.

owner: Unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in facebook


Torrent Tracker is a very good and pleasant young site with rapidly gaining momentum among the other competitors. Fortunately for all visitors, most functions of the tracker are fully accessible without the need for registration. As guests of the site you can easily browse and download torrents, listen to free music online, or to watch popular videos. In order for you to participate in the completion of this content, you’ll need a few seconds to register. After successfully logging into the system, you can read and write comments on the website and forums, upload torrents, music or video.

Rights and rules

Probably because the site is fully open to its guests and registration is not vital, no specific rules for the proper use of the site. Information on common problems or situations is not available.

To upload torrents, music or video, you will need only a valid registration. Within the forms for upload, you will find everything you need on how to successfully handle this task.

Functionality and features design is very nice dark tones, which contrast color images and menus look very clean and beautiful. In terms of functionality torrent tracker offers basic: good and new torrents, very well designed package arranged by category.

As an additional feature can mention:
Free music player online, in whom you can кзвдьа your favorite songs
Video player for fresh new videos and more. small productions


At this stage there is no system for an automatic ban on copyright infringing torrents. If you right-holder and the rights of your products have been violated, you can contact the team support site e-mail:

Accessibility tracker is fully accessible and functional, no matter which country you are trying to open it. However, if you encounter problems when you open it, you can use web-proxy which is located of our homepage. You only need to enter the URL in the respective fields and click Open.