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website: http://hd-space.org/
forum: http://hd-space.org/forum/
owner: Unknown
hosting: France (FR)
registration: yes + invite, or pay account
interface: english
torrent content: movies

HD-Space.org in social networks -no-


HD-Space.org a torrent tracker which connoisseurs of quality cinema production would not have missed for anything. Until recently, the tracker was completely restricted access for all users and guests. Recently the site has a new policy for registration of accounts, through which, randomly selected days in a month the site opens doors to new users without the need to call or payment.

Rights and rules

Site has a short but precise and clear rules that you must follow. In the FAQ section you will find rich content of information that will help you use the tracker more fully and correctly.

Ever since its initial registration, you get rights to upload new torrents on tracker. The site operates a system of hierarchical ranks, which gradually accumulate over time and climb the ladder up. What does each grade and what privilege brings you will read in the section FAQ.

Functionality and features

As implied by the name of the tracker, HD-space.org is a site for torrents with High Definition (HD) 720/1080p quality. The tracker has a very stylish and nice dark design with perfect structured menus and structured information in them.

Besides high quality torrent files HD-space.org offers additional features:
Possibility to upload the appropriate files from the torrent each registered userRequests for torrent files that you want to be uploaded to the site
A detailed catalog of moviesOwn search subtitles in various languages
Games: Arcade and BlackJackSeedbonus LotteryOnline IRC chatForumRSS subscription content


In the site you are able to protect your products if their rights are violated. If you right-holder of the content and your rights are violated, you can alert the team’s support site in the http://hd-space.org/index.php?page=modules&module=helpdesk section or email them directly to hd.space.org@gmail.com


Torent tracker HD-Space.org is fully accessible. There are currently no known limits of the tracker on its users or their parties. If you have difficulties with the site, you can use web-proxy option on our homepage. It is enough simply type the URL http://hd-space.org/ the specified field and click Open.


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