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website: http://hd-torrents.org/torrents.php
forum: http://hd-torrents.org/forum.php
owner: Unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes + invite
interface: english
torrent content: movies, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

HD-torrents.org in social networks -no-


HD-torrents.org is torrent tracker for people who do not allow any compromise with the quality of what they watch or listen. The site offers users music and movies with high quality HD. Like every torrent tracker of similar rank, with very specific targeting of content, HD-torrents.org is a completely hidden and difficult accessible content for ordinary visitors. Furthermore, valid registration, the site requires you to be invited by an existing user in the system. Other methods of registration as donation or sending SMS does not currently exist. The only way to gain access to the tracker is to be invited there by invitation sent to your valid e-mail address.

Rights and rules

Familiarization with the rules of the tracker hd-torrents.org is a real challenge for everyone who registers to. In the “Rules” are described and explained the rights and obligations of each participant in this site. The system works organized hierarchical system of user levels, which will reach a time in this community, if you perform certain criteria.

In the FAQ section you will find explanations and descriptions of other questions that you would use the tracker.

It is important to mention that in your initial registration you will receive and automatic rights to Кзвдьаеия to the site. Of course, to deal successfully with this task will need to familiarize yourself with the detailed rules for uploading new torrents in the “Rules”.

Functionality and features

As new users of the site will have partial access to all menus and extras to the site. Tracker itself is designed and built an extremely modern and stylish. Interface is available in several languages, you can change in your account.

Here is the functionality to which you can access:
Upload new torrent filesVoting offers new torrents to be uploaded to the site
Donations page (get yourself a VIP access to the site and unlock all the menus and options in Tracker)
Page requests for new torrents to be uploaded to the tracker
Top 10 most popular downloaded titlesSubtitles in different languagesForumRSS subscription content


The site has a working mechanism to prohibit content due to violation of copyright. If you right-holder of the content and your rights are violated, you may write e-mail: hdtorrentsorg@gmail.com. Team HD-torrents.org will cooperate fully if your requests are reasonable.


The site is fully accessible from all over the world. Currently there are no restrictions from the HD-torrents.org tracker to its users, or individual countries and networks. If you have difficulty accessing the tracker, you can benefit from web-proxy option on our homepage. Simply enter the URL http://hd-torrents.org/ in the respective fields and click Open.


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