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Linkseed is a new BitTorrent tracker, where you will find fresh content from the most popular torrents today. The site has a simple, simple and intuitive design, loads quickly, and the work it is extremely easy and convenient.

owner: unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software and etc.

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Members torrent tracker is an extremely fresh and pleasant place that we recommend to stop at your leisure. is a small oasis of freedom, where every visitor can read, download or viewing the torrents, no need for logging into the system. Registration online is free, quick and easy. It will be necessary only if you want to leave a comment or to help in its development tracker.

Rights and rules

Currently the site has no clearly defined rules to adhere to mandatory. As a completely free in terms of access tracker, which keeps the team tries to put into a nice, finished look.

It is important to mention that every registered and logged in user automatically entitled to personal uploading torrents and share them with others. Conditions allow the tracker to upload and external torrents, downloaded from other trackers, which is an additional plus for all users

Functionality and features

At your first meeting with tracker can not fail to notice the effort that was laid in the overall look of the site. Extremely stylish and clean design, well-arranged menus and no annoying ads or banners that appear from all directions.

Here are some features of the tracker from which you can use immediately:
Catalog of available movies and gamesPossibility to upload new torrentsOwn music box, with the opportunity to listen to your favorite radio stations, sorted by categoryHosting your own picturesRSS Subscription Plan for personalized contentPossibility to download new torrents directly from Facebook site page


The site is unable to ban the torrents that violate your rights. If right-holder of the content and your rights are violated, the only alternative to contact the team support is through their Facebook page.


Torrent Tracker is accessible from anywhere. No known restrictions introduced for its users, or countries that are trying to access. If you have trouble accessing the tracker, can benefit from web-proxy option on our homepage. Simply enter the URL in the respective fields and click Open.