– torrent tracker is no longer available.

owner: Unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in Twitter


Torrent Tracker is young and fresh daily torrent tracker where you will find out the latest torrents in popular categories such as movies, music or games. As regular visitors, access to its resources will be limited and partially closed. Without a valid registration in tracker you can only browse or search for torrents, and to read descriptions and commentaries. The registration itself will take seconds and after successfully logging in, you will get access to more menus available for users with rank “users”.

Rights and rules

Recommended site with a few simple rules for smooth use. In the Wiki section you will find concise guidance on terminology torrent and smooth deal with use and site navigation. Both sections are available in Bulgarian and English.

Additional FAQ section you will find in the forum to the site in the sub-forum “Questions and Answers”.

As a new user, you will not have rights to upload new torrent files. For Uploader Apply online, it is necessary to answer a number of requirements. How and where to take these steps, you will find in the forum to the tracker.

Functionality and features torrent tracker has a fresh and modern. Menus are well structured and comprehensive, and site navigation is easier and more intuitive. The main priority and category are movies tracker, but more often you will find new torrents, and in other categories.

Here are some of the features to which you can access after a successful registration and logging into the system:
Ability to download torrents, post comments and messages on the site and forumOwn catalogs of movies and games organized into categoriesOwn Search SubtitlesForumRSS subscription content


The site is impossible to ban torrents with copyright infringement. If you right-holder of the content and your rights are violated, you may contact the team supports the forum site.


Torrent Tracker is accessible from anywhere in the world. Currently there are no known restrictions introduced by the tracker to its users or their parties. If you still encounter difficulties in opening the site can benefit from web-proxy the ability of our homepage. Simply enter the URL and click Open.