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owner: SMSHosting.BG
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in Facebook


Torrent Tracker named one of the biggest torrent trackers in Bulgaria ( which closed its doors in summer 2010. Whether is true heir to the closed tracker can only guess, but actually do not care so much. is a great free site tracker that you can use in their daily lives. As visitors, you can read and view torrents, but not download them freely. For this you need a registration that is easy, fast and completely free. After successful registration and logging into the system, you can download torrents, read and write comments or forum posts and website.

Rights and rules

The site has brief and clear rules for its use and if you follow them will provide seamless navigation throughout the site. FAQ section will answer common questions on the use of tracker.

After successful registration and logging into the system as a new user, you will immediately have the opportunity to upload new torrent files. How to successfully deal with this venture you will find described in the section FAQ.

Functionality and features

Torrent Tracker offers you a choice between two interfaces on the site, available both in Bulgarian and English. Besides the normal activities such as search and download torrents, tracker offers many bonuses to spend more time on good pages. Here are some of them:

Ability to upload new torrent filesRequests for new or old torrents that you want to be uploaded to the trackerMusic and video playerOnline TVVideo chatSeed bonus pointsforumRSS subscription


The site has no system to ban torrents violating copyright. If you are right-holder of the content and your rights are violated you can try to seek assistance from the team of trackers in their forum.

Accessibility torrent tracker is fully accessible and visible from everywhere. There are currently no known restrictions introduced by the tracker to its users. If you have trouble opening the unit, can benefit from web-proxy functionality of the origins of our site. Simply enter the URL in the respective fields and click Open.