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owner: Unknown
hosting: Deutschland (DE)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english and etc. (10+)
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks in Facebook Old in Facebook

Members is another new Bulgarian torrent tracker that serves daily popular categories like movies, series, music and games with the latest out torrent files. As normal visitors, you can only read and view the contents of the tracker. To download content, you will need a valid registration. Registration process is short and fast, but also completely free. After successfully logging into the system will be able to download torrents, read and write comments in the torrent descriptions and forum.

Rights and rules

Site rules are very concise and clear. If you use the tracker as intended and comply with good tone is unlikely to encounter any problems. The site lacks FAQ section, so if you have questions on the use of the tracker, you can seek help in the forum.

Any newly registered user may also uploading new torrents. External torrents are also welcome. How to successfully handle this, you can read in the forum’s website, under “Torrents and descriptions.”

Functionality and features torrent tracker has several different interfaces and is available in more than 10 popular languages. The pages load relatively quickly, torrent descriptions with normal amounts of information about what you’ll find there.

At this stage no site extras than the basic functions of a torrent tracker: download and upload torrents. In addition you can take advantage of RSS functionality to keep track of new additions to the tracker.


In the tracker there is no system to ban violating copyright torrents. If you right-holder of the rights of content and your products have been violated, you may seek assistance from team tracker menu


Torrent Tracker available anywhere. Currently there are no known restrictions introduced by the tracker to their users or their parties. If you have difficulties in opening the unit, you can benefit from web-proxy functionality of our homepage. Simply enter the URL in the respective fields and click Open.


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