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P2PBG is bulgarian torrent tracker and has a relatively large number of users, classified in the top200 of pages visited in Bulgaria.

Design is not well formed, the content is distributed chaotic and inadequate, which in no way makes it worse, just more bad looking. The content of P2PBG e divided into several categories: movies, music, series and software.

website: http://p2pbg.com/
forum: http://p2pbg.com/smf/
owner: unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english / spanish
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, and etc.

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To view the content of this site need not be registered in the system. You can freely search and browse the description of the torrents, as registration will only be requested if you wish to download any of them or comment.

The registration itself should be easy and quick, but here it is not so. The site has a serious problem with newly registered users. E-mail from P2PBG shortage to you, probably because of technical problems.

Once successfully registered and logged in, you can download and upload content sbovodno torrent and absolutely free. In P2PBG often Acceleration games with prizes and such material for greater functionality in their site.

Rules and rights

Like every torrent tracker, P2PBG not responsible for the content of your site. This site is a system of interconnected links and nothing more. The files you download, not physically located on their servers and are shared among all users via Bittorrent technology.

Downloading, use and uploading of content and only personal responsibility of users, something that everyone has agreed upon registration in the system.


On site there is no formal system for downloading content for copyright infringement. Rightholders have the opportunity to send e-mail if you find a violation of their rights and their products, from P2PBG promised assistance to achieve the satisfaction of both parties.


P2PBG is fully available in Bulgaria. Access to the site of the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa is partially limited and slow.

Thanks BGtorrents, easy and completely safe, you can use and access functions P2PBG. Simply enter the URL http://p2pbg.com/ top of the homepage or simply use the link above.

The information you enter completely secure and not copied from a third party. Web proxy is part of the connection, but communication remains between you (as customer) and P2PBG (as server).


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