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website: http://powershare-bg.com/
forum: http://powershare-bg.com/forums.php
owner: unknown
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

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Torrent Tracker Powershare-bg.com Bulgarian is another good offer, worth to visit and see. Tracker daily care to offer its users new torrents in the most commonly used categories such as movies, games and music. As visitors and guests of the site will see and read the entire contents of the tracker, you can search and read the torrent comments adjacent to them. As you might guess, to download torrents you need a valid registration. Registration process is short and after successfully logging in, you will unlock access to all the hidden menus and extras, will be able to download torrent files, write comments and posts in online forums and free.

Rights and rules

The rules are written to comply with. Torrent Tracker Powershare-bg.com has a clear and precisely defined rules you should follow while using it. In the FAQ section you will find all the answers to specific questions that will eventually encounter the use of tracker.

Ever since its initial registration you get rights to upload new torrents on tracker. In the FAQ section you will find all necessary information about the ways and the way in which to successfully deal with this endeavor.

Functionality and features

Torrent Tracker Powershare-bg.com is a very simple and peaceful place where you find yourself once, and will probably repeat. Site design and very simple and easy. Menus are easily accessible and well described. The site operates a system of hierarchical ranks, details of which are explained in the section FAQ. For some of the extras you will need a rank of “super user”.

Here are some of the functionality of the site:
Special sub-forum for requests for new torrents to trackerHosting your own picturesRank system and seed bonus pointsRSS subscription content


In tracker powershare-bg.com has no system to ban torrents with violation of copyright. If right-holder of the rights of content and your products have been violated, you can contact the team support tracker in the http://powershare-bg.com/staff.php


Torrent Tracker Powershare-bg.com available anywhere. Currently no known restrictions introduced by the tracker to its users and their countries. If you have difficulty accessing the tracker, you can try one more option in the web-proxy option on our homepage. Just http://powershare-bg.com/ Please enter the URL and click Open.


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