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Jan 13, 2012

GDBOP hit trackers and

Torrent trackers and were attacked by the Bulgarian anti-mafia. Sites of both victims tracker are still available, but access to their torrent section remains closed. reminded that the use of BitTorrent trackers and p2p networks is NOT illegal. Distribution of content for which you do not have rights, however, is pursued by law in some countries.

We wish the team the two tracker quickly corrected the problem pages and get back online as quickly as possible.

Jul 4, 2011

Technical problem back year ago

Due to technical problems, the site of was returned a year ago. Currently they are restored backups from a year ago back more than 200,000 users will need to create the account again. Here’s the official announcement of the team:

"Unfortunately, this backup is best - we can find right now. The functionality of a few days will be added little by little. Sorry about 200,000 accounts have been lost. If you can not access the site, please register again . torrents are much less, so let him who has downloaded the torrent from the last almost a year, which glows red in the torrent client to create the torrent again and it went back into the system, so we can restore the deficit. Sorry about the problem, but it was beyond our ability to prevent it.

Currently seedbonus system does not work and please do not bother the team about why no points and stuff like that. Wait patiently and everything will fall into place.

Thank you for understanding."


More information about the problem and develop follow on the main page or on their Facebook page:

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