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Aug 30, 2011
admin is back online again!

Torrent tracker work and back online!

Here’s the official announcement of the team of trackers:

Dear Customer, We inform you that from today 30.08.2010 year we are again on-line. We stopped for a week, for reasons beyond our control.

It is possible that things are still not working correctly, for which we apologize in advance to all.


Aug 27, 2011

Е is currently unreachable

* Update 30.08.2011 – is back online again!

There is no information what are the reasons for the lack of access to the tracker. We will continue to monitor the problem and notify you if things change.

Aug 6, 2011

Added a new torrent tracker: is another great Bulgarian torrent tracker that deserves your attention.

More about its capabilities, you will find of the internal information pages.

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