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Uteam-bg.net is no longer available.

website: http://torrents.uteam-bg.net/
forum: http://torrents.uteam-bg.net/forum
owner: Unknown
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

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Torrent Tracker Uteam-bg.net is a great place you visit every day for new torrents in one of the most popular categories such as movies, music, games and animations. Torrent Tracker is a fully content visible to all visitors and guests of the site. You no problems, you can browse and search torrents, read their descriptions and associated comments. To download content you will need to register. After successfully logging into the system, you can download torrents, write comments and posts in online forums and to download subtitles or just listen to music online.

Rights and rules

In the tracker no specific rules for using or section with frequently asked questions and their answers.

The site has no specific information about how to become uploaders for new torrents in the tracker. The link referred to the main page to apply for this position is currently not working.

Functionality and features

Torrent tracker Uteam-bg.net is sleek and simple design with a single default language: Bulgarian. Already in their first steps in the tracker, you will encounter problems during the registration of new user. The problem is not really real. If registration prescribe that you must enable Cookies in your browser, this is actually a false message. User which you have registered is already created. You can easily check this by trying to login with your newly registered user.

Excluding this small issue tracker Uteam-bg.net offers you more:
Catalogs of movies, music and gamesOwn Search SubtitlesOnline music and videosVIP access (paid service against the cost of SMS to a fixed value)


The site is impossible to ban torrents with violation of copyright. If you right-holder of the rights of content and your products have been violated, you may contact the team on site in the menu http://torrents.uteam-bg.net/contacts


Torrent Tracker uteam-bg.net is fully accessible and visible everywhere. Currently no known restrictions introduced by the tracker to their customers and guests. If you still encounter difficulties in opening the site you can benefit from web-proxy ability of our homepage. It is enough simply type the URL http://uteam-bg.net/ the specified field and click Open.