Wild-torrent.com – torrent tracker

Wild-torrent.com is no longer available.

website: http://www.wild-torrent.com/tracker/
forum: http://www.wild-torrent.com/tracker/forum.php
owner: unknown
hosting: Bulgaria (BG)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

Wild-torrent.com in social networks -no-


Torrent tracker wild-torrent.com is one of those trackers that are created with enthusiasm and desire, but then never continue their development. For the past two years in the tracker are just uploaded 10 new torrent. Although more than 8,000 users have registered for does not appear that the tracker will start to function again.
bgtorrentz.net team wishes success to the founders of Wild-torrent.com and wishes them again one day to find the time, strength and desire to move forward with the tracker.