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WRZRU.com is no longer available.

WRZRU is one of the fastest growing and increasingly popular Bulgarian torrent trackers. With over 10,000 active torrents and more than 50,000 registered members, tracker for 8 consecutive months topped the rankings BGtop Internet and a serious position to become one of the elite trackers in Bulgaria.

website: http://bt.wrzru.com/
forum: http://www.bulforum.com/index.php?showforum=32
owner: unknown
hosting: Netherland (NL)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc.

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The contents of the torrent tracker WRZRU.com is open to all visitors of the site. Feel free to browse or search torrents, their description and comments without having to be logged in the system. Registration is required only if the upload or download torrent files, post comments or chat. The registration process is short and quick, without questions or fields with unnecessary information.

Rights and rules

The rules of use are very short and simple, and you should read them after your first logon. If you encounter problems using the site, FAQ section will probably find everything you need to solve your problem.

Until recently, to become uploaders on this site, you were required: a coefficient above 1.0 and upload traffic over 50 GB., But these requirements are already part of history. Now you get rights to upload torrent files included in your first registration in the tracker. Terms and help on how to upload files successfully, you will find a separate thread in the forum site.

Functionality and features

The site is very clean and simple and offers everything you need to browse and download torrents. The interface is in Bulgarian only, and is only one style. There are no boring, detailed menus and everything necessary for torrents themselves, such as subtitles, movies and external information can be found in their description.

As additional features can be noted that the tracker has its own chat room. To facilitate the uploaders when making descriptions of torrents, there is an opportunity for hosting images.


This site does not have an automatic download torrents in the presence of copyright infringement. If you right-holder content, and your rights are violated, the only option is to directly contact the uploaders or part of the team described in the http://bt.wrzru.com/staff.php and seek help in the forum. Formal opportunity for feedback from site owners does not currently exist.


The site is visible and freely available worldwide and currently no known restrictions introduced. However, if you encounter problems or other difficulties to access it, you can use web-proxy option in BGTorrents. Just enter the URL into the box http://bt.wrzru.com/ web-proxy on our homepage.