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owner: unknown
hosting: NL
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, and etc.

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Members site is a great young project with many fresh ideas, design and functionality. Use of this site is intended only for registered users. As guests of the page, you can only read and view some of its content. After successful registration and a valid login in the system will have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages, read and post comments and download your favorite torrent files.

Registration is very fast and completely free. After successful registration you automatically receive rights to upload content on the page. More about this can read the introduction to the menu “Upload”.

Rules and rights

Like all other sites has introduced rights and obligations to its customers to keep this beautiful and orderly manner. More about these rules, levels of users online and other information may be found in the “Rules” on the site. If you have further questions about how to use the functionality of the site, we recommend an introduction to and Q & A section.

Downloading, use and uploading of content and only personal responsibility of consumers, something that everyone has agreed upon registration in the system.


Unfortunately, like many other torrent trackers, the site don’t have interface protection program for torrent files and their copyrights.

If you right-holder of copyrights, you can contact the team of in “Team”, by private message or direct e-mail from Contact Us.

Functionality and features site is easy to use. After successfully logging into the system you get access to all available menus and options are provided for the ordinary consumer. Torrents are better structuring and arranged in one of the most popular categories such as movies, music, games and more. Interface is available in several in several languages, for easy use by its users.


Currently known limitations introduced by site to its users, or countries that accessed it. If you do encounter difficulties with opening and use of the site, or your access is denied, you can take advantage of our web-proxy functionality.
It is enough to open the homepage, and in the web-proxy and enter the URL: and click Open.