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You can browse website by your own account with our webproxy. is one of those torrent trackers that will go down in history as inactive and never managed to become popular with Bulgarian torrent users.

owner: unknown
hosting: USA (US)
registration: yes
interface: bulgarian / english and etc. (10+)
torrent content: movies, games, music, software, tv-programs and etc. in social networks -no-


The tracker was created back in the summer of 2008. in the next few months it randomly uploaded a few dozen torrents neat descriptions, but apparently not found its audience to comment or support any of them alive today.

Site tracker missing message from the owner to consumers at launch, and at its end. Others are just a smattering torrent categories, with several long-dead torrent files in them. The only live until today, are advertising fields.

While it is totally deserted and dusty torrent tracker still occupies its place on the web, which is hardly accidental. Perhaps it is possible one day to give a second chance on the site and he again opened its doors, and until then only remains to wait and see.


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